Office Visits


You’ll love how we schedule appointments at our office. You know how when you go to a physician’s office and you “sign in,” they schedule several patients at the same time and you have to “wait your turn”?

We don’t do that at our office. When we give you a time to come in, we’re ready for you at that time. We don’t schedule another patient in your time slot. As a result, you rarely have to wait. Our patients love it and we’re sure you’ll love it too. If you are a first-time patient coming to us, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out some paperwork and make sure your visit goes smoothly.


We work with most insurance companies. When you call our office, we will confirm your coverage by calling your insurance company for you. Once you’ve visited our office, we file your claims for you electronically, which allows the insurance company to receive your claim by the next day.

We follow up on the claim to make sure you benefit the most from your coverage.  In most cases, we will wait for the insurance to pay their portion so you only have to pay your “estimated” portion for your visit with us.

We are on the network of Aetna/Assurant; CIGNA; Always Care and recognize their fees.

We have a Loyalty Program that allows you to see us with a savings just for being a member.  Ask for details when you call us for inquiries and/or appointments.